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Prof. Dr. Darja Topošek

Head of the laboratory


My name is Matjaz Knez, I am an associate professor, the head of the Laboratory for green technologies in logistics, and also a Vice-dean for Economic Affairs at Faculty of logistics, University of Maribor.

I have many international experiences as a researcher and have been working at institutions outside Slovenia, e.g. lecturer and senior researcher at the Edinburg Napier University, Scotland, UK. I have been involved in many international and national projects, focusing on environmental protection, environmental management, sustainability, environmental innovations, and the development of sustainable supply chains. 

During my research and project work, I have been collaborating with various international partners, including academia, companies, decision-makers, and NGOs. I am a member of the Editorial Board at Elsevier journal – Sustainable Cities and Society. I am continually presenting and disseminating ideas of sustainable transport and sustainability issues at local, regional, and international scientific and professional conferences and symposiums. I am also the Head of a newly designed H2Student program. Until now, I have published more than 300 bibliographic units, including papers, conference proceedings, chapters, and monographs. 


Izr. Prof. Dr. Marjan Sternad


Izr. prof. dr. Marjan Sternad je leta 2002 zaključil dodiplomski študij na Ekonomsko poslovni fakulteti Maribor. Na isti fakulteti je leta 2008 še zaključil podiplomski študij in pridobil naziv magister znanosti s področja ekonomije. Leta 2016 je zaključil doktorat na Fakulteti za logistiko in pridobil naziv doktor znanosti. Konec leta 2016 se je habilitiral v naziv docent iz področja logistike, leta 2021 pa se je habilitiral v naziv izredni profesor iz področja logistike. 

Moje objave

Doc. Dr. Tina Cvahte Ojsteršek


Matevž Obrecht and I am an assistant professor at the Faculty of logistics, which covers an area of sustainable logistics and supply chain management. The focus of my work is focused on environmental management, entrepreneurial environmental protection, sustainable energy supply technologies, green logistics, e-mobility and the integration of LCA and ecodesign into the management of sustainable supply chains. Before starting to work with academic challenges, I perfected my knowledge as an expert in the field of technical solutions for increasing energy efficiency, the transition to renewable energy sources and I successfully patented a new invention. My bibliography includes over 200 works, which include scientific and professional articles, participation in conferences, book chapters, etc. For my work I was twice awarded the "Award for Contribution to the Sustainable Development of Slovenia".

Doc. Dr. Uroš Kramar

Screenshot 2020-11-09 at 10.09.31.png

My name is Uroš Kramar. I am an assistant professor and since 2005 I have been a full-time employee at the Faculty of Logistics of the University of Maribor in the field of logistics (social sciences). I participate in several subjects from the fields of economics, planning, procurement, management, processes, quality, logistics and supply chains. I also participated in lectures and exercises at the Faculty of Tourism Brežice UM and the Faculty of Organizational Sciences Kranj UM. For many years, I was also involved in the organization, implementation and logistics of mass events and the formation of the corporate image of the company. As part of my research work, I actively research and participate in various research projects as a leader or as a member in the fields of mobility, decision-making processes, planning, economics, logistics and supply chains. I present over 130 bibliographic records, including scientific and professional articles, monographs, teaching materials and mentoring. I am also an active member of the H2student project.

Igor Grofelnik, mag. inž. log.


I am Igor Grofelnik mag. and with. log. And I am an assistant at the Faculty of Logistics, University of Maribor. I am an active researcher in the field of drone technology in connection with emissions and their negative impacts on the urban environment. I am also researching the field of hydrogen technologies in connection with transport. In recent years, I have actively participated in several research projects with an emphasis on simulation and optimization of production lines, setting up logistics platforms and developing sustainable supply chains, and I also have a lot of work experience in the economy (Bosch, SPD, PROLOG, ŠUMER, Lip Bled, GUEST, RECA…). I am also actively involved in the H2Student project, where as the competition manager I take care of the technical implementation of the competitions. As a laboratory collaborator, I also take care of the promotion of the laboratory and related projects.


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